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  1. What is laser vaginal rejuvenation?
  2. Are all laser vaginal rejuvenation treatments the same?
  3. How does the Mona Lisa Touch laser work?
  4. Can every woman have laser rejuvenation therapy?
  5. Is laser rejuvenation safe? Are there any side effects? What is the recovery like?
  6. When do I see results and how long will they last?
  7. How many treatments will I need?
  8. Is there any special preparation?
  9. What is the cost of laser rejuvenation therapy?
  10. Working with your doctor

What is laser vaginal rejuvenation?

Laser vaginal rejuvenation (LVR) is the name given to the medical procedure that uses the latest in laser light technology to restore the contour and structure of the vaginal wall after it has experienced deterioration and trauma seen with aging, menopause, childbirth, post chemo and radiation therapy for cancer and excess weight loss (>10kg). It can also help improve vaginal stimulation during sex and tighten the vaginal walls. It has consequently sometimes been called a "designer vagina" procedure. The laser can also be used to help tighten and whiten the skin in the vulva area. In reality LVR can help nearly every woman whether it be to relieve uncomfortable symptoms, improve sexual enjoyment, maintain a healthy vagina wall and for some women it also can help boost self esteem and promote a sense of femininity.

Are all laser vaginal rejuvenation treatments the same?

The obvious answer to this question is "no". The International Gold Standard in technology for LVR is the "Mona Lisa Touch" Laser. It was created especially for vaginal treatments and all the studies in this area have been performed on this machine. This is an important consideration for the doctor who purchases the laser, as science must always prove the success of a treatment before it should be carried out on public. Yet not all Mona Lisa Touch treatments are the same even if the same laser is being used. Concern should be given as to the laser experience of the doctor and knowledge of women's health, the facilities where the treatment occurs and the quality of care and understanding given by the staff. At ARGERA we have that all covered for you so that you can be reassured that you will receive the safest treatment with maximal possible results. Our doctor has had 20years of experience in women's health having worked in busy general practice clinics and major hospitals, has performed thousands of pap smear tests and breast exams and assisted in gynaecological surgery. All treatments are carried out in our Health Department Licensed Day Hospital to ensure a purely medical treatment with full sterility and safety standards being practiced at all times. Our staff are caring, understanding and may have personally had the treatment where needed.

How does the Mona Lisa touch work?

The Mona Lisa Touch rejuvenates the vagina by destroy the fragile and damaged lining to the vaginal walls and forcing the body to make a new healthier one. In this process, the collagen fibres are replaced by stronger ones that arrange themselves into a denser alignment to create a tougher vaginal wall. In addition as the new cells are formed they release their stored glycogen, which is taken up by lactobacilli bacteria. These microbes inhabit the vaginal wall to protect it from infections such as candida (thrush). The extra glycogen helps the lactobacilli to produce more lactic acid, which alters the pH of the vaginal wall to help further improve its anti-microbial defenses and also help produce more "glycans", which are responsible for lubrication. As new cells form in the vaginal walls so to does blood flow which carries with it more nutrients to the tissues. This results in the formation of more nerves endings to help improve sensation and further improve the quality of the new forming collagen. In summary, the Mona Lisa Touch stimulates the body's natural repair mechanisms to improve collagenation and hence tightening the vaginal wall, promoting lubrication, creating a healthier pH to prevent infection and stimulating new nerve endings.

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Can every woman have laser vaginal rejuvenation therapy?

Most women can benefit from LVR, however there are some contraindications. The doctor will advise more fully but in general treatment can not occur if there is active infection such as thrush or sexually transmitted diseases (STD's) on the day, active skin conditions such as active psoriasis, dermatitis or lichen planus, developing tumours or cancers in the area, in pregnancy or if breastfeeding, moderate to severe pelvic prolapse or those who have erosions from a mesh inserted in transvaginal surgery. All women who are treating post chemo or radiation therapy should wait at least 6months after their therapy has finished. It should be stressed that the contraindications are always changing as science advances and some of the above mentioned are already undergoing studies to see if LVR can in fact help the conditions in the future. Undiagnosed or developing tumours will not be worsened by LVR but our doctor always advocates that patients should be up to date with their Pap smears and breast checks before undertaking any vaginal treatments.

Is laser rejuvenation therapy safe? Are there any side effects? What is the recovery like?

The experience of our doctor, use of Day Hospital facilities and the state of the art Mona Lisa Touch laser makes this a very safe procedure. Our female doctor and friendly staff will make you feel at ease during the treatment. She will make it seem as easy as she begins cleaning the vagina canal with giant cotton buds and then gently inserting the probe. Most women say the treatment feels like small vibrations. The whole experience will take 10 to 15 minutes and you will be able to return to your normal daily activities straight away. Most women experience no significant side effects with vaginal treatments and only mild irritation with vulvar ones. The aftercare involves avoiding any trauma or irritants to the area for the next 3 to 5 days. LVR is usually a treatment with no downtime and no pain.

When do I see the results and how long will they last?

Many women experience improvement in symptoms within 2 weeks but the real effects don't start until after 6 weeks from the initial treatments as the body's collagenation process really begins. As collagenation continues up to a year then results can continue to improve for 12months. LVR is a resetting technique and maintenance of the result can be improved by 6 month to yearly single treatments. Some women may wish to continue their topical hormone replacement creams/pessaries whilst many do not once their treatment results are felt.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments needed depends upon the severity of the symptoms. Most women however are satisfied with the initial series of 3 recommended treatments carried out a month apart (no longer than 6 weeks apart). Severe vaginal symptoms may require 1 or 2 additional treatments. Maintenance treatments can be carried out 6 months to yearly as desired. Required treatments to the vulva area vary, with some women only requiring 1 or 2 for the desired results. They can be performed alone or as an add-on to the vaginal treatment.

Is there any special preparation?

Women undergoing laser vagina rejuvenation treatment should cease any creams and pessaries a week prior to treatment and not resume until after all treatments have finished. It may be possible for some women that these creams are no longer needed. Patients should also refrain from sex the night before the treatments. There should be no active vaginal infection at the time of treatment. Women who are still menstruating should aim for treatment 1 week after their periods. All women should ensure that they are update with their pap smears and breast checks.

What is the cost of laser rejuvenation therapy?

We understand that the astute patient values their health and selects their treating clinic based upon experience, and high standards of treatments rather than pricing, to help obtain maximal possible results. However be assured that at the ARGERA Centre all attempts have been made to keep costing down without compromising on standards of care.We can thus boast that treatments consistently remain some of the cheapest in Perth without compromising on quality. The current cost of LVR varies in Perth from $1100 to $1500 per treatment. At ARGERA we have been able to reduce the price by packaging the initial 3 recommended treatments to save our patients hundreds. In addition ARGERA would like to offer women who have symptoms due to chemo and pelvic radiation therapy an additional 10% discount in recognition of their difficult journey through illness. To claim the discount all that is needed a simple proof of treatment such as a current prescription of their anti-oestrogen medication or medical document proving treatment. Some women may require a full vulva/labia treatment which will have a surcharge. The doctor will be able to advise. There is no charge for the use of the Day Hospital facility. A free consultation with our senior nurse is available if you would like to know more.

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Working with your doctor

Our doctor will always try to work with a patient's general practioner, gynaecologist or oncologist to ensure a continuity of care where requested and possible. We want our patients to experience maximal results from the procedure so that they no longer suffer needlessly from their vaginal symptoms. For this reason we encourage all women to have their pap smears and breast checks prior to treatment as they cannot be done on the day of the procedure due to technical reasons.


The ARGERA Centre keeps statistics and clinical data on all procedures so that we can provide the most successful treatment outcomes possible. We are very excited to tell you that to date, after hundreds of treatments, all (bar one patient) has had an improvement in at least one of their symptoms after only one treatment! This matches the European data and we are very impressed with the Mona Lisa Touch!


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