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We understand that the astute patient values their health and selects their treating clinic based upon experience, and high standards of treatments rather than pricing, to help obtain maximal possible results. However be assured that at the ARGERA Centre all attempts have been made to keep costing down despite Dr Argie's vast experience in women's health and laser procedures, and the fact that all treatments are carried out in the state of the art Health Department Licensed Day Hospital to ensure sterility and high standards of care. We can thus boast that treatments consistently remain some of the cheapest in Perth without compromising on quality.

Prices in Perth range from $1100 to $1500 per treatment but at the ARGERA Centre we have been able to reduce the cost by packaging the initial 3 required to save our patients hundreds!

In addition those patient's whose symptoms are secondary to chemo or radiation therapy post cancer also receive an additional 10% discount of this package price.

Patients having a full vulva/labia treatment have an additional surcharge. The doctor will be able to advise if vulva/labia treatment is suitable or recommended for a patient.

There is no theatre fee charge for the use of the Day Hospital facilities.

There is no Medicare rebate available on the treatment. You will need to check with your private Health Insurance as to whether rebates apply.

A free consultation is available with our senior nurse (20 years of nursing experience). Consultations with the treating doctor are available upon request and will be charged a consultation fee. Please ring the clinic for further details.

The ARGERA Centre regularly has specials on its VIP (very important patients) Program which occasionally include the "MonaLisaTouch" treatment.

The MonaLisaTouch is considered the Gold standard in vaginal laser rejuvenation. The ARGERA Centre has the latest model with upgradable technology. For more information please feel free to visit our FAQ page or call us on 9301 4244 for a free consultation.  

SAVE 33% on the standard prices of the initial 3 recommended treatments!


SAVE an additional 10% if your symptoms are due to post chemo or radiation therapy


We are fully accredited by a range of industry organisations. We operate to the highest standards and best codes of practice.