Argera centre

Terms & Conditions

General conditions

  • All procedures and discounts offered are subject to the suitability of the prospectus patient for the desired treatment, as deemed so by the treating doctor or nurse, prior to the procedure being carried out.
  • Consultations by the doctor may be subject to a consultation fee. Where a procedure is suitable for a nurse consultation and the nurse carries out this consultation, there will be no consultation fee.
  • The clinic reserves the right to determine whether a doctor or nurse consultation is suitable.
  • The clinic does not negotiate on prices.
  • All attempts at maximizing outcome and minimizing side effects are made but results cannot be guaranteed
  • There will be no refunds in the event of unsatisfactory outcomes including the experiencing of known, or unknown side effects, or where maximum expected results were not achieved.
  • Where the procedure is suitable, a nurse option may be available at a discounted price. All patients will make their own choice to whether they prefer a nurse or doctor to treat them, but the doctor reserves the right to take over the treatment at any time they deem it in the patients best interest. This may come at an additional cost (the doctor surcharge). A patient may change their treating practioner at their discretion with the understanding that there will be a price difference for that treatment.

Specific treatment conditions - Mona Lisa Touch

  • All patients must undergo either a free consultation with the nurse, or a doctor consultation (an additional fee may apply) to discuss the procedure and assess for patient suitability.
  • Most patients only require the initial 3 treatments, but severe cases may require additional treatments, at an additional cost. The need for additional treatments will be determined by the doctor upon monitoring the progress of the initial 3 treatments.
  • The “initial package price” is based upon 3 vaginal treatments a month a part (and no longer than 6 weeks) with the doctor.  Vulva/labia treatments have an additional surcharge per treatment. Suitability for the vulva/labial area will be determined by the doctor during consultation or at the initial treatment.  Please note that it is illegal for nurses to carry out a MonaLisa Touch Treatment in Western Australia.
  • The “initial package price” is fixed and available to all prospectus patients.
  • Those whose vaginal symptoms are due to oestrogen suppressing medication from breast cancer or from pelvic radiation therapy are offered a 10% discount on single treatments or the “initial package price”. To claim this discount proof is required. This can consist of a packet of the anti-oestrogen medication with the patients name on it or a letter from their treating doctor.
  • On occasion, additional discounts may be offered. This will be based upon the standard price of 3 non-discounted treatments.  The extra 10% discount for those whose symptoms are from oestrogen suppressing medication or pelvic radiation still applies.  It is calculated by taking 10% off this discounted price, not by addition of the percentages.
  • There is no additional cost for the use of our Health Department licensed Day Hospital facility.


We are fully accredited by a range of industry organisations. We operate to the highest standards and best codes of practice.